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Ownership Transition

When you are ready to transition your company to new leadership or ownership, BCI is here to make sure your company is in good hands, continues your original vision and maximizes wealth while reducing tax burdens.

For many people, transitions are a milestone in a career, and they can be unfamiliar territory. It’s important to carefully consider ideas about exit strategies, incentive stock options, stock purchasing plans, shareholder partners and managed buyouts, and not to wait until the last minute.

At BCI Group, we look at ownership transition as a strategic process, broken into segments. We seek to make the process manageable for the current and future owners by orchestrating graceful transitions that are prudent, affordable and supportive of your company’s overall health.

Executive Compensation

What keeps your executives motivated and loyal? Tailored executive compensation plans and offering a wide array of performance incentives are certainly good ideas. However, plans are constantly shifting due to increased scrutiny, government intervention and regulatory pressures. Our process moves in unison with these shifts and we will assist you to align your shareholder, business and financing objectives with your management objectives.

Our expertise includes:

  • Analyzing industry salary and benefits
  • Setting compensation strategy and objectives
  • Documenting plans and disclosure requirements
  • Creating accountability and performance measures
  • Designing short and long-term incentive plans—both cash and equity-based
  • Aligning compensation, bonuses and incentives with shareholder objectives
  • Implementing tools to help executives succeed
  • Developing sales plans and compensation incentives

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