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“The thing that stands out so much with BCI Group is that we’re working with them to see what’s next. We work out solutions together—in a true partnership.”

- Jack Graves, Chief Cultural Officer for Burgerville

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The Benefits Buzzblog

The Benefits Buzz

Tracy Vicario shares helpful updates on benefits planning, industry news on the Affordable Care Act, health savings plans, and what you need to know about medical, dental and vision plans for your employees.

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The Retirement Writeupblog

The Retirement Writeup

Nick Kralj writes timely thoughts on retirement planning, fiduciary liability, 401(k) plans and trends to consider in providing retirement plans for your workforce.

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The Business Planblog

The Business Plan

Bob Coen authors straightforward ideas on ownership structure, succession planning, growth planning, and other considerations for maximizing the value of your business.

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OSBA Trust

The Oregon Small Business Alliance (OSBA) provides unique employee benefit solutions to Oregon-based small businesses involved in professional technical services. BCI Group is the managing agent for this non-profit trust.
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Employee Education

When employees fully understand their health benefits and retirement options, they can confidently take control of their future and be better prepared. BCI Group has found conducting regular employee group and one-on-one education sessions for employees and their families adds great value to the benefit program.
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Poster Compliance Center

Receive special pricing and free shipping through our customized landing page with our partner, Poster Compliance Center.
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Prospect Bid Info Sheet

Send us this completed form and we’ll research the most cost-effective plan that will best suit your employees’ needs.
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We're privileged to work with some of the best employers in the Northwest on benefits, retirement and business planning. Here are some of their stories.

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