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A Lesson in Fiduciary Responsibility and Share Classes

There are few larger responsibilities than that of someone else’s money. As a qualified retirement plan sponsor, one is considered a plan fiduciary, and thus, their responsibility falls into the category of “someone else’s money.”

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Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits are optional insurance products offered by employers to help complete the overall corporate benefit program. Employees can choose to enroll in the benefits at their expense and in many cases on a pre-tax basis. Some examples of voluntary benefits are dental, vision, life, short- and long-term disability insurance.

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New Master Census

To provide the most accurate quotes from prospective carriers, complete this census document and include it with your copy of the Prospect Bid Info Sheet.
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Prospect Bid Info Sheet

Send us this completed form and we’ll research the most cost-effective plan that will best suit your employees’ needs.
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