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“Our customers run the gamut, including any company looking to solve problems or make their business more efficient with hybrid cloud services,” says Christina McGuire, vice president of people and culture at Atmosera.

Formerly known as EasyStreet, the company has helped redefine the modern workplace through technology. Atmosera works with the cloud — an amorphous buzzword used to describe a network of servers, each with a different function.

The company uses Microsoft cloud solutions — computing, storage and networking, security and compliance, active monitoring and live support — to help retailers and healthcare providers improve their customer experience. The Portland company operates data centers and cloud deployments across the globe. Despite their global reach, they chose local when seeking a benefits provider.

“We are excited to work with a Portland-based company that is continuing to grow and create change in the tech industry,” says April Hoover, benefits consultant with BCI Group.

Atmosera partnered with BCI Group in 2008, and uses their services for all medical, dental and life insurance benefits. McGuire said the partnership, much like Atmosera’s business, is made successful by BCI Group’s ability to find innovative solutions.

“BCI Group has been a great benefits partner that not only educates our employees, but provides them with the resources they need,” McGuire says.

“One of the biggest challenges we have in the tech industry is being competitive with our total compensation package — from benefits to base pay to perks. It’s all about striking the right balance.” — Christina McGuire, vice president of people and culture at Atmosera.

Competitive Benefits Planning

Portland is currently among the most popular destinations to move to in the United States, and year after year young professionals burgeon the job market.

“Retention and recruitment, especially in tech and creative industries, is incredibly competitive,” Hoover says. “Compensation packages help companies secure top talent, and industry benchmarking keeps companies on top of the market.”

In addition to brokering employee benefits, BCI Group provides Atmosera with industry benchmarking — salary and benefits reports — which compare the company’s benefits with similar tech businesses in the region.

“One of the biggest challenges we have in the tech industry is being competitive with our total compensation package — from benefits to base pay to perks,” McGuire says. “It’s all about striking the right balance.”

The OSBA Trust

One way Atmosera stays on top of Portland’s tech market is through the Oregon Small Business Alliance (OSBA) Trust. The OSBA Trust gives small businesses in the information technology sector the same purchasing power as large firms through association benefits plans that are often 13 percent below market rate. Atmosera joined the trust in 2014.

“Plans are increasing so much, which makes it harder for employers to keep the same level of benefits,” McGuire says. “Many companies must choose between passing that price on to employees or cutting those benefits. We’ve been able to maintain both thanks to the OSBA Trust.”

Through the trust, qualifying Oregon companies like Atmosera can choose from 10 different medical plans, Section 125 (FSA) and HRA administration at discounted pricing, COBRA administration for all member companies, alternative care plans and customized employee handbooks at discounted pricing.

“The OSBA Trust is ideal for startup companies that are continuing to grow and innovate,” Hoover says. “The trust is made up of a great group of companies like Atmosera that are motivated to keep leveraging that growth into lower benefit rates.”

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