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John Click


Trusted Expert In: Business transition & consulting.

Little-Known Fact: In the summer of 1977, I saw a baseball game in every major league ball park in one month.

Favorite BCI Value: Joy. It's the emotion felt when life has found its purpose and something we should all strive for every day.

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Stephen Beyer

Vice President

Trusted Expert In: Business consulting & human resources.

Little-Known Fact: The first plane I ever went up in, I jumped out!

Favorite BCI Value: Servant’s heart. We are here to serve others. To serve our clients, our employees and each other. If we are successful in this endeavor, we will lead a fulfilling and meaningful existence that makes a difference in other’s lives.

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Robert W. Coen

Chief Executive Officer

Trusted Expert In: Ownership transition & organizational structure.

Little-Known Fact: I crossed Winchester Bay ocean bar in a 20 foot boat and was ultimately saved by the Coast Guard.

Favorite BCI Value: Joy. I feel most fortunate to live and work with people I grow and prosper with daily.

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Roberto Flores

Director of Benefits

Trusted Expert In: ACA & HR Technology solutions.

Little-Known Fact: My young son thinks I build a great Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle lair.

Favorite BCI Value: Joy and improve. Joy because what’s life without happiness and improve because I’m always striving to improve.

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Nick Kralj

Director of Retirement

Trusted Expert In: Retirement plans, savings & asset allocation.

Little-Known Fact: I love the library.

Favorite BCI Value: Improve. Intentional learning, stretching, growing, and adapting are vital to success in today’s society.

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Tracy Vicario

Director of Client Development

Trusted Expert In: Relationships, consulting & employee advocacy.

Little-Known Fact: I take piano lessons.

Favorite BCI Value: Integrity is the best value to live by. It's the courage to do the right thing at all times, even when no one is watching.

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Carolyn Herzog


Trusted Expert In: Accounting & Third Party Administration.

Little-Known Fact: I love walking adoptable dogs.

Favorite BCI Value: Balance is my favorite core value because to be truly happy you need balance between work and personal life!

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Jenny Winters

Executive Assistant

Trusted Expert In: Individual life insurance & event planning.

Little-Known Fact: I'm ½ Norwegian!

Favorite BCI Value: Integrity. I'm a true believer of being honest and sincere. It's the only way to live!

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Malia Caddell

Benefit Consultant

Trusted Expert In: Benefits.

Little-Known Fact: I'm an open book.

Favorite BCI Value: Accountability.

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Phillip Carbajal

Retirement Consultant

Trusted Expert In: Relationship building & helping clients meet goals.

Little-Known Fact: I'm a highly competitive squash player.

Favorite BCI Value: Joy. Think of how great you feel when you are doing something that brings you joy.

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Corey Coleman

Retirement Consultant

Trusted Expert In: Retirement plans and administration, and relationship building.

Little-Known Fact: I once ate fugu (a Japanese poisonous pufferfish) and fortunately lived to tell about it.

Favorite BCI Value: Improvement. No matter how much you know and how good you are, there's always room to grow. Always strive to be better.

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Kristy DeGraw

Benefit Consultant

Trusted Expert In: Advising & implementing group benefit plans.

Little-Known Fact: The first time I flew in an airplane I jumped out of it, on purpose!

Favorite BCI Value: Accountability. Being responsible for actions and decisions is what builds trust and great relationships.

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Amie Denslinger

Benefit Consultant

Trusted Expert In: Small group market.

Little-Known Fact: I love to travel, but have a fear of flying overseas.

Favorite BCI Value: Joy, because I like to make people happy.

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Karissa Way Hamm

Individual & Medicare Accounts Manager

Trusted Expert In: Individual & medicare plan.

Favorite BCI Value: Integrity. It is a key component of who a person is and it is very undervalued in today’s society. It is nice to work for an employer that not only values integrity but calls it out as a fundamental building block of the company belief system.

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Lisa Hartley

Senior Benefit Consultant

Trusted Expert In: Employee benefits.

Little-Known Fact: I loves sea turtles.

Favorite BCI Value: Integrity. Our clients put a lot of trust in us and it’s important they know we're looking out for them.

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April Hoover

Benefit Consultant

Trusted Expert In: Employee benefits.

Little-Known Fact: I love CrossFit and strength training.

Favorite BCI Value: Joy. It's an outward sign of inner happiness and peace.

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Amanda Keith

Sr. Accountant

Trusted Expert In: Bookkeeping & accounting.

Little-Known Fact: I have two different colored eyes.

Favorite BCI Value: Joy – it’s good to remember the positive and focus on the joy that can be found in all things.

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Loran Keune

TPA Administrator

Trusted Expert In: COBRA, S125 & HRA plans.

Little-Known Fact: I'm an avid Badminton player

Favorite BCI Value: Improve, which actually brings me Joy.

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Daniel Lee

Benefit Division Implementation Specialist

Trusted Expert In: Maxwell Health software.

Little-Known Fact: I have a decent singing voice.

Favorite BCI Value: Improve. I try to embrace change and growth, both personally and professionally.

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Sarah Lindsey

Sr. Account Executive

Trusted Expert In: Healthcare reform & group benefits.

Little-Known Fact: When I’m not working, I’m playing in the dirt in my backyard.

Favorite BCI Value: Accountability. I strive to be the person you call that you know, as soon as you hang up, that everything will be taken care of.

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Andrea Quintanilla

TPA Administrator

Trusted Expert In: Invoicing & TPA client accounts.

Little-Known Fact: I enjoy baking.

Favorite BCI Value: Joy, because it is an important part of her life.

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Kristine Sheldon

Senior Benefit Consultant

Trusted Expert In: Consulting, group benefits, strategic planning and employee communications.

Little-Known Fact: I love to hike, camp and do pretty much anything outdoors!

Favorite BCI Value: Integrity. Wisdom is knowing the right path to take, integrity is taking it. Always do what is right, not what is easy!

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Sharon Thornton

Benefit Consultant

Trusted Expert In: Benefits administration for employees.

Little-Known Fact: I like to sing harmony.

Favorite BCI Value: Joy. Helping others and growing a garden give my heart joy.

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