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Tailored Plans for Each Client

BCI Group doesn’t offer “one size fits all” plans or formulaic, rinse-and-repeat consulting. Because your business is like no other, it deserves a tailored approach. We strive to create plans that are uniquely suited to your business, your employees, and your business environment.

Hands-On Approach

We believe in working one-on-one with our clients and their employees; and we believe in in-person visits, continued communication and evaluation, rapid response, and regular check-ins.

Employee Education

We work hard to get to know your employees personally and give them the best tools for benefit plan comprehension and retirement readiness. We take the education to your employees, by getting to know them on a personal basis, and working with them to provide the best tools to take charge of their health and financial wellness today as well as in the future.

Integrated Approach

Each piece of your benefits package requires a unique skill set, but it's best done holistically. Without a meaningful synthesis of these elements, companies and employees can sometimes miss “blind spots” in planning for their future. This is where our experience, our expertise, and our integrated approach pays off – we can see the big picture and give you the best guidance.

Your business planning is important. Your benefits plan is important. Your retirement plan is important. BCI recognizes the value of your various priorities and we make them work together. We blend trusted performance, longterm experience and a customized approach to get every customer the best plan.

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